Inktober 2023

This year, my journey through Sri Lanka in August gave me the space and time to rekindle my passion for small scale painting and drawing. I created a series of postcards in watercolour and ink, abstract in style and intuitive in approach.

When I returned to the UK at the beginning of September, I knew I wanted to continue my artistic exploration but needed a framework to guide me. I remembered Inktober, an art challenge I had never participated in before.

Inktober, as the name suggests, is an art challenge that takes place in October. It was created by artist Jake Parker in 2009 as a way to improve his inking skills and has since evolved into a global phenomenon. The concept is simple but powerful: create one ink drawing every day for the entire month of October. This challenge encourages artists to embrace the versatility of ink, explore their creativity, and develop a daily drawing habit.

So for the month of October I am doing an ink drawing a day – each drawing is the size of a business card.

At the end of this artistic journey, I plan to mount all 31 inked business cards onto a larger piece of paper, forming a visual representation of October 2023 in the style of a calendar page. This final piece will not only serve as a testament to my dedication but also as a reminder of the creativity and inspiration that transpired through each day of the challenge.

So far I am on day four and thoroughly enjoying the process.

Tamara-Gomez-Inktober-2023 Tamara-Gomez-Inktober-2023


You can see each inked drawing I create on the highlight Inktober 23 on my instagram here and I will be displaying all 31 inked drawings in the calendar page format at our Open studios at the end of next month which you can find more about here 

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