I specialise in rough diamond and gemstone fine jewellery which I hand craft from my studio at Cockpit Arts in Central London.

I was born in Sri-Lanka and grew up in Essex just outside London and trained at The Royal College of Art graduating in 1997 with a Masters Degree in Gold smithing and Jewellery.

Inspiration comes from nature, spirituality, intuition, experimenting with the materials and from my clients whom I work closely with to create pieces that often mark milestones and celebrate the relationships in their lives.

I have a serendipitous approach to making and ideas and finished pieces come freely from working directly with the materials and taking an idiosyncratic approach to gold smithing techniques.

My signature 'Rough diamond collection' recognises the raw beauty of a natural uncut diamond and celebrates the quirks that rough diamonds have, where certain parts of the jewellery industry would call these quirks inclusions.

As well as creating evolving collections, I regularly works to commission on bespoke designs.

You can buy my work here on my online shop or from my studio by appointment or for a list of my stockists click here