What are rough diamonds?

What are rough diamonds?

Rough diamonds are diamonds that have not been cut, polished or have gone through any process or treatment after they have been mined. They are exactly are as they are after they have been found in the earth. Rough diamonds are also often referred to as uncut diamonds, raw diamonds or natural diamonds.

Are rough diamonds real diamonds?

Rough Diamonds are more real than polished diamonds! Because they are exactly as nature intended them to be in their raw form.

Are rough diamonds conflict free?

In the jewellery trade, when a diamond supplier buys a parcel of rough diamonds, that parcel must always have a Kimberley Process Certificate to be imported or exported from any country to ensure that they are conflict-free.

What is the Kimberley Process Certificate?

This means that they have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. This Kimberley Process certificate confirms that the diamond was mined from a war-free area. I buy all of my diamonds from reputable and trusted suppliers who support the Kimberley Process.

What makes a rough diamond so special? And why you should consider buying a rough diamond?

Since rough diamonds are not cut and polished and left in their natural state, every stone is unique. This only adds to their charm for those wanting a covetable and individual piece of jewellery.

Are your rough diamonds certified?

I choose to use rough diamonds that are not the same commercial quality as rough diamonds that go on to be cut and polished. The rough diamonds I use are not measured using the typical GIA scale and so clarity and colour cannot be measured. Their individual characteristics are displayed through their shape, texture and colour.

What is the difference between a rough diamond and a cut diamond?

The difference between a rough diamond and a polished diamond is that one is in its natural state and the other has been processed. Traditionally in jewellery after they have been mined, rough diamonds are sorted and if they are of a certain quality, are sent to be cut and polished by jewellery professionals to enhance their fire and brilliance. However, diamonds in their rough, uncut state also often possess a special lustre that we can celebrate alongside cut diamonds. Some rough diamond of a lower quality are often used in industry because of their physical properties.

Where are your rough diamonds from?

I buy my rough diamonds from suppliers who purchase stones from mining companies such as De Beers, Petra Diamonds and Alrosa and are diamonds are of Russian, South African and Tanzanian origin.

Why are rough diamonds cheaper than cut diamonds? 

In order to get polished diamonds you need to cut and polish rough diamonds. This results in weight loss due to polishing and brings the added labor cost of polishing. Due to this polished diamonds are more expensive.  

Are your rough diamonds ethical?

All my diamonds are purchased from reputed and large mining companies who do not exploit local civilians. In contrary the diamond mining trade provides many individuals with income, employment and security.

Are your diamonds from conflict free zones?

All our diamonds are bought from suppliers which uphold the values set by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and are compliant to the Kimberley Process Scheme. The Kimberley Process Scheme certifies that the diamonds which are invoiced are ethical, conflict free and natural.

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